We have a menu that varies every month with new goods announced on the first of the month (rabbit rabbit). You can always find a photo of the current menu on our Insta.

Keep in mind that some items may be sold out when you arrive. We continuously sell and refresh our stock throughout the day so you can have fresh-made donuts.

Nut Free

We are a nut free facility at this point. However, please inquire with each order in the event this policy changes in the future. Some ingredients from suppliers may be made in facilities that share equipment or space.

Gluten Free

While our main donut line is not gluten free, we have a fantastic new mochi creation. Our mochi donut is made with rice flour, tapioca, and millet for a crispy, chewy and savory sweet delight. Just know gluten free products share equipment with our regular products.

Dairy Free

Presently we have at least one vegan option on the menu. Remember that we make products throughout the day and it might not always be available right when you come in (please ask since it might be coming up soon!). Just know that these products share equipment with our regular products.

Special Orders and Advance Orders

Okay, not just yet. We're just focusing on that line of customers at our door at the moment. Once we get things dialed there we'll try to accommodate special orders. However, the physical size of our facility might prevent us being able to do that.

Art License

Link to Creative Commons License for image of Duke